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The leadership of the County Executive and County Council has propagated the same failed policies and played musical chairs with the same people for 12 years with no real progress. County residents are seeing the increase of violent crime, a decline in school performance, increasing County debt, and non-existent  business and job growth. Their poor decision-making, executive overreach and failure to keep their eye on the ball has been disastrous.

A few of their fails include:

  • Random COVID mandates that crushed our local economy
  • Removal of School Resource Officers (SROs) from schools, against the desires of the principals Click Here
  • Presenting ballot initiatives that will raise taxes on all residents (Need video hyperlink)
  • Promoting the teaching of CRT in public schools (Need video hyperlink)
  • Unnecessarily shutting down public schools Click here
  • Failure to address upcountry traffic concerns (Need hyperlink)
  • Thrive 2050 (Need hyperlink)

We need County leadership that is less worried about selfies and more willing to make the hard choices and bring common sense back to our local government.

As County Executive, my pledge is to make the county the shining star of the Maryland and the DMV.

By authority of Reardon Sullivan for MoCo- Victoria Birkett, Treasurer
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