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Public Safety

Our County has become unsafe. The current administration cut police on the street, disbanded the auto theft unit, and removed School Resource Officers (SROs) from schools. The County Council’s failure to support our first responders has demoralized their ranks and made recruitment difficult.

As a direct result of their actions “…year-end statistics show crime is up sharply in Montgomery County, Maryland, including killings and carjackings,” per WTOP news. The Montgomery County Council Public Safety Committee was advised that there were 32 homicides and 67 carjackings in 2021. The numbers reflect an 88% increase in homicides and 72% increase in carjackings. There was also a 21% increase in vehicle theft, and identity theft is up 62%, during COVID when people were locked in.

The current County Council, which includes Democrat candidates Hans Reimer, Will Jawando and Tom Hucker,  voted to remove SROs from our Montgomery County Public Schools over the overwhelming objections of the school principals, the professionals that we pay to educate our children. None of these elected officials have any background in law enforcement or education.

We need to make the protection of our citizens Job One! 


By Authority Reardon Sullivan for MoCo – Victoria Birkett, Treasurer

By authority of Reardon Sullivan for MoCo- Victoria Birkett, Treasurer
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