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The job of the public schools is to prepare students for tomorrow’s reality

Montgomery County Public Schools have devolved from being one of the top public school systems in the nation, to not even being top in  Maryland. This is not acceptable.

The Montgomery County Public School administrators are not focused on providing the best education for our students. They have wandered far away from teaching basic reading, writing and arithmetic, and are focusing on the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) principles, diversity, and graphic sexual material to elementary school children. They even commissioned a $900,000 School Boundary Analysis, the focus of which was to redraw school boundaries for the goal of achieving school diversity even to the extent of bussing students to other school districts, despite the fact that parents bought homes to be in specific school districts.

We need to get back to the fundamental educational requirements of reading, math, and science, rather than feel-good studies that fail to prepare our children for the real world.

We need to provide a safe, clean environment for our students to learn, including allocating funding to the previously neglected schools attended by Black and Brown children.

Finally, we need to actually listen to our teachers and principals and provide an environment where they can speak up without fear of reprisal from administrators. 


By Authority Reardon Sullivan for MoCo – Victoria Birkett, Treasurer

By authority of Reardon Sullivan for MoCo- Victoria Birkett, Treasurer
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